Sunday, January 30, 2011

WTF IRS?!?!?!?!?!

So, I’m freaking out.

As I’m writing this, the refund still hasn’t posted.  According to the IRS, the money was deposited to our account on the 28th, but if it has, it hasn’t posted.  We NEED that money.  

I keep envisioning horrible things, that Donovan’s ex got it even though he’s paying both the current and past due child support the way he’s supposed to, or that it was seized for the interest on his deferred student loans.
A few people have told me to relax, that it’s probably not going to hit till tomorrow or the first because of the state of the economy, but that doesn’t help me.  

I mean, really, the government TAKES what it believes it’s due every time you get a paycheck.  If you’re late paying the IRS, you get fined.  But if they’re late, or the bank holds the funds, you get NOTHING.

So now I’m sitting here, worrying about this stuff, dreading the thought of having to make calls and driving on less than a half tank of gas in a van that REALLY needs to be fixed because the money is either seized or the bank is holding it.

But then I remember that the bank didn’t hold the funds last year…  Crap, I’m going to end up at the IRS office this week.

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