Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids are amazing I

Children are truly amazing…  With Caelen having autism, he and his sister are at about the same development level – potty training, learning to talk, learning to share, etc etc.

Well, the day I wrote this was fast forward for us from 3:30 till 6:30.  I got maybe 3 and a half hours of sleep the night before because Donovan and I are trying to deal with being apart as long as we have…  There’s been lots of hurt feelings.  I got up with the kids, IMed with him till he stopped talking to me, set the alarm for 3:30 and then took a nap with Marion.  Before passing out I managed to hit her sippy cup with my arm and soak the middle of the bed.  Joy.  Grab a towel, let it soak up the milk, I'll change the sheets if I remember.

Then the fun began.  I had forgotten that today is Beckie’s late day at school.  She stays after on Wednesdays for math tutoring in addition to having an extra math class.  I pick her up from school because the late bus drops her off so far from home.  If I'm there and waiting by 3:30, there’s no way I can miss getting Cae off the bus at 4 in the parking lot outside the apartment.

I didn’t leave the house till 3:40 - I didn't even put Vaca in her kennel before we left.  Yes, silly me, I trusted a 7 month old dog not to piss on the carpet or chew up my furniture.  The furniture is safe; the dog is even further from potty training than my little kids.  

As I'm buckling Marion into her seat, Beckie called to find out where I was.  Yup, my eleven almost 12 year old has a cell phone.  It's horribly embarrassing and she barely uses it, so it's all good.  

So Marion and I haul it to Beckie’s school, drive back to the apartment, and end up having to go to the store.  As I’m buckling Cae into his seat (always a good time because he sits behind me and there’s only one side door on my van) he starts freaking out and whining over the sesame street figures that Marion has brought.  Without any prompting at all, Marion hands him her Elmo figure.

Yup.  She shared.  Of her own free will.  And it’s her favorite figure, the one that most of the fights (including the one that has been raging off and on for over an hour now) are over.  But for one afternoon, Marion was okay with sharing with her big brother. 

She held Beckie’s hand in the parking lot when we went to the store, took off her own coat, and was fine with “Brother” being put into the cart first.

Now if I could just get her to stop hitting the dog and using a pacie…

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