Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturdays Stink

Another hellish weekend brought to me by the military and my husband’s absence.

I was up till 7 am when Marion came in demanding milk and wanting to cuddle up on Daddy’s side of the bed.  Once she was settled, I could relax enough to go to sleep, too.  She woke me up a few hours later yelling about her pacie (that she isn’t supposed to have unless she’s going to bed) and then Cae woke me up again telling me “Marion has a poopy”.  So I stumble outta bed, find Marion without her diaper, pick up the diaper and hope that Vaca didn’t find whatever was in it.  Imagine my surprise when Caelen gets some toilet paper, finds the “yucky”, picks it up with the toilet paper and puts it in the potty?

Once I’ve woken up some more, I realized I’m functioning on under 6 hours of sleep, and the mystery smell from the kitchen is demanding attention nownownow!, and there’s now a bigger patch of carpet to have fixed – Vaca’s found something delicious in the carpet next to my bedroom door and is hell-bent on digging it out.

And now it’s a little over an hour to bedtime.  Cae and Marion are arguing over toys and Marion’s got a pretty annoying case of the whines.  “NO” and “MINE” are being howled at each other accompanied by shrieks; I’m honestly waiting for it to come to blows.  Beckie’s watching TV. 

The supper that I made (it’s one of Donovan’s favorite meals that I make.  Doubly hard to make when both of us worked out the right spicing for it) is still untouched by the little kids.  The dog has been trying to get at their plates when the new “yummy spot” on the carpet loses her interest.

And of course, I’m trying to lose myself in a blog that will be published sometime next week that I honestly doubt anyone’s reading…  No one has commented lately, so I don’t know.  I know that my husband reads it every so often, but he will contact me privately on it, even going so far as to tell me when I first started it “be careful, don’t put anything in your blog that will make (military branch) take notice of you or that will get me in trouble.”  When I asked if he wanted to review things first he said no.

I miss him so much on days like this.  Every day I hate myself for encouraging him to join, mostly for the kids, even though it’s a steady job with great benefits.

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