Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Children are foul I

The joy of potty training…

You know, I thought it was bad with Beckie.  She was so stubborn.  She didn’t want to go at all.  So one “function” she was promised a special doll, and for the other she was promised a living breathing fish.  She didn’t completely train till she was 4 ½.

I honestly doubt that will work on Cae and Marion.  I know that it won’t on Vaca.  Yes, they’re all being potty trained at the same time.  Yes, I have lost my mind. 

With Cae’s developmental delays, in a lot of ways, he and Marion are the same age.  They’re BOTH just now trying to dress themselves, Marion’s more interested in using tableware than her brother, and they’re both ready to use the toilet.

Usually, as soon as I put the trainers on Marion, she pees then will stand around fiddling with the pants instead of telling me she had an accident.  There’s some days that she’ll play with her own mess if I don’t catch her, too.

Caelen is really happy to put on underwear.  At his age and size they don’t really make training pants, so he’s got spiderman underwear.  He’ll be fine for a while, then he will pee.  Usually on my couch.  The couch that isn’t going to our next house because it smells awful (unless I can get the stench out of the couch so that the dog stops trying to “find” the smell).  And worse of all he will sit on the toilet FOREVER and then pee on my couch.  His teachers tell me that he’s got a bladder of steel and will “hold it” till he’s good and ready.  I just wish he were ready while he was in the bathroom and not on my poor abused couch.

Then there’s Vaca.  She’s convinced that the little kids’ room is her personal potty room.  I really hope that getting a house with a yard and her a coat will help with both the potty issue and the fact that her claws should be registered weapons. 

I just don’t want her crapping in the house when Donovan comes home.  Actually, I just want there to be NO diapers in the house when he gets home.  I’m sick unto death of diapers, I’ve been dealing with them non-stop since 2006, they need to go.

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  1. lose the couch... you can get a really good one at new vista community emporium for less than 100 bucks ... heck, i'll even go with you. i wish i had known about this place before i bought my couch...


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