Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleeping Beauty I will NEVER be

It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of being at fighter practice (pointless cause I don’t have a fighter to watch and egg on, plus the kids get bored; the last time we went, it seemed to me that there were some kids picking on Caelen and taking his toys) I have once again slept most of the day away.

I’m not sure what’s going on.  I went to bed earlier than I have been for a couple weeks last night.  It may be that I’m barely eating and don’t leave the apartment unless I absolutely have to…  I’ve no idea what’s causing it.  There’s so much in this life that could and would cause a person to sleep too much.  I think I may be going through a good deal of it.

I don’t know that I’m going to look into it, though.  I’m going to combat it as best I can on my own and see what happens because the clinic on base has a month waiting list and trying to go to the doctor with a 2 year old is amazingly frustrating.

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