Friday, January 7, 2011

HELP! I need a break!

It’s a half hour till supper and Marion has been in her room, on punishment, for nearly an hour, howling and crying.  I honestly doubt that she remembers what she did to get in trouble. 

She was getting into things on the food shelves…  Lovely apartment that I’m in, I have neither a pantry nor a linen closet.  So it’s a curious two year old’s paradise.  There’s ALWAYS something to pull off a shelf, and with big brother able to break off the fridge lock and open the fridge, there’s always something to get into in the fridge.  The favorite for a while has been raw eggs.

I hate being the disciplinarian.  I’m always the bad guy because there’s always some sort of sneaky going on by one or more of the kids and their 4 footed accomplice.  I bet I’d find a lot of their antics hilarious if it wasn’t just me.  But it is just me, and by the end of the day I’m quick to yell and more than willing to spank.

I’m serious boys and girls…  I need a sitter.  And a break.  And the money to take said break.  Even if it’s just an afternoon to myself to go to a movie or go shopping with Beckie.  But it’s near impossible to get a sitter most of the time.  Apparently we’re eligible for something called respite care, but there’s a packet per person getting it that needs to be filled out and the kids’ pediatrician charges $25 a packet if the child doesn’t have an appointment within 2 weeks of asking for the report.

I’d rather find a sitter at this point, though.  Then maybe I could find a job or go back to school.

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  1. Have you tried or I know is free to register and SitterCity has free registration for military families. I'm registered as a sitter (in Mississippi) on both and have found great jobs.

    If I could, I'd watch them all in a heart beat. Raw eggs, bags of flour, and all. :P


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