Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wait, how come I don't get adult time?

So, I’m looking at getting a sitter through sittercity.com or care.com.  Okay, do my thing, only to find out that to even ANSWER the e-mails I get from sitters I have to PAY $35 a month or $140 a year.  Yeah.  I have to pay a service.  I mean sure, it’s a service that they provide, but as a military spouse, I’ve got NO money most of the time right now.

If I were still in a place where I had family, I could ask someone to watch the kids.  But I don’t.  $35 is way too much.  It’s more than most gamers pay to play WarCraft.  It’s more than the insurance on my cell phone.  

Times like this it seems like everything is dependent on the taxes coming in – fixing the van, moving, the child support case…  I just wish something could go right for longer than an afternoon.

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