Friday, January 14, 2011

I thought I WAS organized

I thought that I was organized.  Really, I did.  Imagine my surprise when the power of attorney that I pulled out the other day was EXPIRED?  Where did the time go?  I thought I had plenty of checks so that I could pay a traffic ticket on time.  Nope.  The fine is due within the next 24 hours and the checks I rush ordered STILL aren’t here.

So now Donovan’s sending me a new POA.  I’m going to beg for an extension from the DA’s office.  And the expiration date of the new POA’s going to go into my organizer.

Add to all this loveliness a stress headache that ended up becoming a migraine (and is as I type being barely controlled with judicious amounts of OTC pain meds) the rest of today is shaping up to fugly.

At least I’ve got taxes, a new house (house hunting blows goats.  With VD.  Seriously), and possibly school or a job.  I’m thinking school.  It would serve me better to have a bachelor’s degree than the temporary relief of a job.

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