Friday, January 21, 2011

Ugh! Stupid school district absence policies!

Ah Clark County School District, how I despise thee…

Once again I’ve gotten hate mail from Beckie’s school.  This is to let me know that they now consider her a “constant truant” and are threatening me with all sorts of goodies – law involvement, fines, denial of credit for her, etc etc etc.

She’s in sixth grade!  And honestly, I see no reason to either send her to school with symptoms that will just get her sent home or keep her home and rush her to the doctor for something that is so trivial by medical standards that it’s pointless to waste the gas just so I can have a doctor’s note so that her absence will be excused.  And only that doctor’s note will, most of the time, make an absence excused.

CCSD is making it so that the kids that can afford a co-pay can have as many absences as they need or want.  Those of us that know that throwing up and “bathroom issues” aren’t a good reason for a doctor’s visit but ARE an EXCELLENT reason to keep our kids home are getting screwed.

I mean it.  The only reason that Beckie isn’t being home schooled already is because she’s told me that she’d miss her friends.  Friends that don’t call.  When I was in sixth grade, we called each other to talk about nothing for HOURS at a time. 

I’m so done with Vegas.  They’re so convinced that being at school will make a better student.  I got news for them – Nevada’s on so many “Worst in the US” lists it’s a miracle they’ve got the teachers they do; school district policies are unrealistic, classes are over-crowded…  I’m so done with this. 

Thinking on it, Beckie’s more a “college schedule” person, anyway.  She HATES going to school in the dark.  She’s got a set of things that she’s interested in that isn’t really addressed in public school.  The kid still can’t write a cohesive sentence and doesn’t know her multiplication tables.  But she can read at a 9th grade level. Once we’re moved, I’m gonna do it.  I’m going to start the process to home school her.  If her friends want to see her, they can come over or they can go places. 

And for those of you that teach, or are becoming teachers, think on this before you critique – she’s going to be 12 soon.  She’s in an extra math class and math tutoring, so she doesn’t get to take band like she wanted to.  She’s prone to throwing up over night; at one point she had a prescription for meds for it.  Of course, we were in California at the time – the school she was at didn’t have an absence cap.

At this point, at least to me, public school is more a social thing for Beckie than anything else.  A place that she can go to and check out books and think she’s got friends.  To me it’s just a threat of legal action for knowing my own kid’s medical issues and not wanting to trouble the doctor about.

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