Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crap, more stuff I've gotta do?

Okay, so here it is, the first day of a new year, and I’m most likely going to spend it cleaning and constructing a desk.  That is if my drill charges.  Yes, as I write this, I’m waiting on my drill to take a charge so that I can organize a little bit more.  I’ve got shelves to shift, rooms to clean out, and floors to clean…  But that desk is on my mind, like new shoes or fabric.
I’m waiting on my HTML5 book to get here.  Hopefully that will help with the web site that I am chomping at the bit to build.  The computer’s been purged, too.  Kinda.  I’m thinking that I’m going to have to go through EVERY SINGLE FILE and get rid of stuff.  But there’s finally some extra space on all three HDD’s for “new stuff”.  Once D gets home he’ll probably purge more stuff, or add a new HDD, or something…  I know that he’s got SOMETHING interesting planned for the computer organization for the house… 
I ended up going by the Salvation Army right before I picked up the desk pieces; I spent a little under 30 there, but I got a whole bunch of long sleeve “layering” shirts, which I really needed for both home and work – I’ve been trying to dress with only a very small wardrobe since the big lose/gain in 2011, and the result is that I had 2 pairs of jeans, some tee-shirts and nothing else that was really appropriate for tutoring.  I didn’t even have enough socks that weren’t dress shoe friendly.
I have yet to finish a place-mat.  I’ve got the yarn, and the pattern, but none of the interest, ha ha…  There’s just too much to do – desk, cleaning, purging the computer, setting up said desk, setting a blog/school/house schedule (that will be followed for a few days and then forgotten…)
I’m having sleeping problems again.  NYE morning I was up till 6.  I really hate it when there’s two 3 o’clocks that I’m awake for, 4 and 5 are annoying, but two 6’s when I’m not working, having a good time, or getting kids up is just cruel.  When I talked to the doc, he said that he’s not going to put me on sleep meds with D’s homecoming being so close.  It’s FINALLY under a triple digit number, and I’m getting nervous.  I’d like things settled for him so that he can re-acclimate to the family.  To my mind that means a semi-clean and organized house, a clean room for him to “hide” in, things like that.  I’ve got a while, I’ve just gotta get this sleeping thing figured out.
And with that, I’ve got food to start and serve, laundry to conquer, a drill to check, AGAIN.  If I end up having to order another part for it, I’m going to be super pissed, and I REALLY need a shower.

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