Saturday, January 7, 2012

no, No, NO! NOT ON THE CARPET!!!! Awwww D*mm*t.

Today B had an orthodontist appointment.  Imagine my surprise and disgust when they told me that last time she had two loose brackets, and this time there were FIVE?!  And they’re $25 each EACH to replace.  So till the end of the month, she’s going without the wire and brackets that are missing, and she’s lost her allowance for the next 5 months to pay for it.  Along with the missing brackets, the hygienist found “white fuzzy fibers” in her brackets.  B’s got a nasty habit of chewing on non-foods, so it could be paper, it would be from a blanket.  Either way, I’m not real impressed.
After we got home, M stripped off her clothes and crapped on the carpet.  Then she came and told me that she pooped in the potty.  I’m not impressed at all.  Children are gross gross creatures.  And super stubborn.  A little further into the living room and she would’ve “hit” the plastic runner that’s protecting the carpet… but no, that would make my life easy.
So now I’ve got another expense before the hubs gets here – I’ve gotta have the carpet cleaned.  This either means renting a shampooer, which isn’t always effective because it IS a rented machine, or bite the bullet and actually buy a shampooer (and maybe a better vacuum) from my sew-vac guy, L. 
D wants me to have H and R Block do the taxes, my friend PJ says that I should just use turbo tax.  The issue for me is the mileage from tutoring – how the heck do I enter that???  If I go through an actual tax person, I could get the return sooner… but they charge so freaking much.  IDK.  Maybe I’ll do a test run with turbo tax?  But then how am I going to have last year’s taxes reviewed?  Cause that’s super attractive to me right now; someone reviewing my taxes and saying that I’ll get more from the return that was seized last year?  Oh, yes please!  Especially since, as far as I know, everything’s set so that it isn’t seized this year.  If it gets taken, I think I’ll cry.  Seriously.
Last night was rotten – I ended up with another migraine.  IDK if they’re stress induced or what, but it’s getting annoying.  I’m hoping that once D is back, they happen less often. 
And loverly… The neighbors have come home, and it sounds like the children are trying to collapse the ceiling/floor on top of me, making my headache worse.  Awesome.  I really can’t say anything – they’re good people, and their kids are usually quiet after 8 or 9, but WOW, I really wish that they were quieter.  Especially in the morning.  3 times in the past week their three year old has pitched a fit coming down the stairs, waking me up before 6 am.  IDK if his antics have woken up the other neighbors.  Honestly, I don’t really care.  All I know is that it’s driving me nuts, and I feel like a big jerk getting annoyed about it – they can’t help his behavior.
Mostly, I really just want the pain to stop.  I’d like to be pain free for a few hours while I’m awake.  I feel like that’s asking too much, but what are ya gonna do?

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