Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life is interesting

The book is here, the drill charger was found and is charging, Boychik passed out before 9, and M crashed on the couch.  But I finally got my shower.
Honestly, NYE was just another day…  Vaca got her walk, the kids got to run around outside, M dressed herself in a skirt and her “tur-doe” shirt (turtleneck), and her sister’s scarf.  It’s actually been warm enough to open up the house, a blessing with three kids, a dog, and the assorted smells and odors that go along .
I’m a wee bit pissed.  Every time that I try to load a picture from the computer to my blog, it shows up sideways.  So I’m going to have to figure out my photbucket and see if I have any luck loading pictures there.  I managed to put myself into a colossal amount of pain and to bruise my hand.  Yep, there’s a purple splotch on my hand, right where I put lots of pressure when I work on stuff.
Retard jr, the laptop, FINALLY started “talking” to the wireless network again.  It only took me restarting it a couple times, going back to a prior version, and then giving up in disgust, turning it on for inventory and seeing that not only did it see the house network, but that it connected to it.  I was pretty happy about that.  D and I got to skype yesterday.  That was rather awesome, even if we had to use the suckish web cam on the desktop.  He finally got to hear the insanity of the house on a “home-day”.  His response?  “Wow, Boychik is loud,” right before backing me up on the demand that Boychik get dressed.
We also talked about the impending move to the Pacific Northwest…  We know that we’re going to be here until the end of the school year, but that comes a little over 7 weeks before our lease is up.  So the question for us is whether or not it’s going to be worth it to pay to break the lease to avoid the rest of a Southern Nevada summer.  Hmmmmmm pay off the lease, or keep the money and put up with a horrible panty-sweating summer?  Decisions, decisions.  Add to that the chaos that is an out-of-state move.  What to keep, what to get rid of, bring all the stuff from the garage into the house to save an extra 100 a month, or keep the garage to have a spot for furniture and filled boxes?  Okay, that one just answered itself, ha ha.
I’m still debating just going to the Laundromat and getting all the laundry out of the way.  The thing is, it’s money that I really don’t want to spend – I mean, yeah, if I do it there, I take the wash out, fold it immediately, everything gets hung up, etc, but I just hate the idea of spending the money when I’ve got a washer and dryer here.  The only plus would be that I could just wash all the bedspreads and couch pillows.
And best of all besides a semi-regular blog update so far?  The kids went back to school today.  So it’s just me and M again.  Hello productivity!

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