Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy busy busy

So today was the first day of Boychik’s “low-incidence” class.  It went on forever, but I think it went well.  I got some advice on how to combat the screams, and if he brings his “Tony-baby” next week, the gentleman that runs the class will “trade” Tony-baby for a motion activated Spongebob with a soft body.
I’m not super sure about this idea…  He’s had his Tony-baby FOREVER and really loves it.  Tony-baby doesn’t make noise, and he can be anything – Boychik’s baby, Iron Man, a Power Ranger, or Spongebob.  Tony-baby makes Boychik use his imagination.  There was also a “token sheet”.  He chose one with the Wonder Pets on it.  We have yet to use it at home.  I’m thinking that it will be used tomorrow.
Best of all?  The behavioral specialist agreed with me about taking stuff like drawing and TV away from Boychik.  This makes me feel so confident in my own knowledge of kids with special needs, and lowers my already small opinion of Boychik’s principal.  I’m pretty sure she’s been attempting to influence Boychik’s teacher, to back her up, too.  This is the same woman that’s been threatening me with CPS if Boychik misses school, going so far as to say that if CPS gets involved it will “ruin” my life.
I’ve been using the laptop at the dining room table more.  Once things are more organized in my room and the furniture is right, I’m pretty sure that I’ll use the desk top more, or D will when he gets home.  Bex also uses it.
So today I found out that the best cure for a migraine, at least for me, is to take a couple migraine pain killers, and pass out on the couch.  Imagine my disgust when what woke me up was the roller-skating elephants that my upstairs neighbors are foster parents to and my own children trying to displace the dog’s cuddle spot on the couch.  Boychik succeeded, and he cuddles HOT.  It’s like sharing blankets with a radiator.
The daddy jar is even more empty, see?

What does this mean for all of us?  It means that homecoming is getting closer, and my belly needs to GTFO, cause that Ralph Lauren dress is going to look like a sausage casing if I don’t lose some weight.

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