Sunday, January 8, 2012

thump thump BANG

So, the upstairs neighbors are adoptive parents to a 3 year-old, and foster parents to a 5 and 2 year old.  The foster kids have been with them maybe a week.  The morning of the 3rd, I was woken up before 6 by the three year old as he screamed his way down the stairs and out to their car to go to day care.
Every night this week there has been a rousing game of “thump thump BANG” from upstairs that usually wraps up around nine.  As I am writing this, it’s nearly 11 pm at the end of the week, and the noise was enough that MY little guys were refusing to go to sleep.
I went up and talked to the mom; everything was semi-quiet for about 15 minutes and then it cranked up again.  Sigh. 
I truly HATE living in an apartment.  Not having a yard sucks.  Other people’s animal feces left in the rare grassy areas like horrible land-mines is disgusting.  Having people above me that I can’t send to bed or punish for ignoring me is frustrating as all Hell.  As I’ve said before, residential building standards, particularly for apartments should be a crime.  The walls are thin, the windows let in drafts, and there’s always some type of insect wanting to be in your house.  This particular complex doesn’t have a play area for the kids, and last month a twelve year old had a knife pulled on him on the basketball court  it isn’t even 50 yards from my front yard.
I’m very anxious to get to Oregon.  Having to wait out the school year is frustrating – I’ve got the itch to pack up and leave.  But the kids need to finish the year, they really do.  B will want to finish it out with her friends, Boychik’s got an evaluation that needs to be done before we leave town.  I felt pushed to leave California right before we moved here back in ’05.  I met D almost immediately, and look at us now…  Makes me wonder what this move has in store for us.  And the feeling makes me want to leave even more.

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