Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

Oh wow…  New Year’s eve already.  Let’s see, what were my goals last year again?

·        Lose some weight.  Donovan says he’s happy no matter what size I am (suuuuuuuuure) but I need to lose some because it’s making my constant pain worse.
·        Move to a better/cheaper place.  I HATE this apartment.  I’ve already got something in mind, but I need the taxes to be deposited before I can make an offer.
·        Get all the little kids (2 and 4 footed) house broken.  I think this one’s self explanatory.
·        Find a dependable babysitter.  I’ve been back in Vegas almost 6 years now, and have yet to find a sitter that is available when I need them.
·        Take a ceramics class.  But to do that I need a sitter.
·        Re-start my clothing and gift company.  I had to close it down because no one was buying.  This time I need a stock built up, and some really great pictures, along with an amazing web-site. 

Annnnnnnnnnnd…  big surprise, the only one that really happened was losing some weight right before the insanity of the fat season, whoops, I mean holiday season.
Last year was a bitch.  Yep, I said it.  I got put on meds, fought with D, and I’m still struggling to get the little kids potty trained.  M decided to become a nudist.  Boychik has regressed and complains of headaches.  D’s getting out of the military, but we’re worrying about how the family will get by until he’s in school…
The laundry monster is slowly being conquered, pictures are getting back on the wall, sewing stuff is getting organized, but it all seems just so, idk, insignificant in the grand scheme of things?
ANYWAY.  On to the list of goals that I’m most likely not going to meet this year.

·  Get to a healthy weight by the time D gets home.  I got this amazing dress for 90% off at Kohl’s yesterday and I WILL fit into it.
·  Start couponing the right way.  Right now I don’t because a) I’ve got no clue, and b) most of the coupons that I find are for stuff we’ll never use or the generics are cheaper.
·  Move out of Nevada.  For good.  The summers are horrible, the housing is badly made, and the teachers are convinced that if a kid misses school a parent needs to be threatened with CPS.
·  Complete the potty training for the little kids.  The dog can wait.
·  Build HodgePodge’s web site. And actually post it to a hosting site.
·  Start writing again and actually submit it to my peers.  Yup, I’m saying it right here.  I want to write again.
·  Take some extra classes so that I can graduate sooner.  Hopefully I will be able to get a job.
·  Get D re-acclimated to the family and vice-versa.  That should be FUN.

So, another list of goals to put away and not look at till next year.  This should be a truly interesting year.  See you on the flip side, dear readers.

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