Thursday, December 22, 2011

Change is awesome... But coins are better.

Oh I LOVE changes.  They’re so exciting and fun!  And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in New Mexico… 
So, Yule is upon us.  Nothing says Yule like a naked toddler on a footstool rearranging the tree and playing with the volume control on the surround sound.  My meds are making me feel kind of off.  Maybe because I’m decreasing them as an experiment?  I’d rather have the lower dose, really. 
And speaking of experiments, I really would love to try something that is so anti-kosher it will get me threats from those I know that are Jewish…  Boneless pork chops stuffed with some sort of shellfish concoction, breaded in matzoh and covered in a soft mild cheese or drizzled with a cream based sauce.  So not kosher, but the thought of it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Where the fat clusters and increases.
Today I was literally swarmed by every living thing in my house under the age of six.  That includes the dog when she left the blanket cave she made on my bed.  Uncle Squish came over and took B to a movie and left me alone with the little ones.  After the movie, Squish even helped her wrap her present for me, and the little kids’ gift, too, cause I’ll be thrice-damned if I’m going to pay for AND wrap my own stinking gift.  I watched my mom do that too many times and she always seemed bitter and annoyed about it.
C’s been yelling for days “I wanna wanna watch Kung Fu Panda on DVD!!!!!!”  Okay, fine, I give in today.  We get half way through, and not only has he left and gone off to watch SpongeBob in the other room, M has joined him.  So I ended up on the couch, watching the first Kung Fu Panda on DVD while crocheting.  I posted on another forum “Is it wine time yet?  ‘Cause it’s been whine time around here all freaking day.”  Too bad the only alcohol in the house is some Godiva liqueur that’s older than M.  C heard me telling Squish that if I didn’t get a break, I was going to go to jail.  His reaction?  “Mommy, I wanna go to jail WIF you, Mommy!!!”  Yes, two “Mommy”s in one sentence, cause that’s how he rolls.
We did prayers and candles for Hanukkah; first night’s good, no missing candles, no “I blow out the candles, Mommy?” followed immediately by slobber ridden blowing, no melting of the blinds or singeing of curtains.  Just have to make it a few more days.
With the time off from classes, I should really purge the computer and backups, maybe fix the margins on the blog entries, seriously think about a goal list for the New Year… 
Screw it, I’m crocheting place mats.

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