Friday, December 30, 2011

No dogs or... III

No, instead of banning kids, there’s gotta be a better solution.  Banning babies from first class flights?  Really?  If mom and dad can afford first class, how can we, AS A PROUD CAPITALISTIC SOCIETY take that privilege away from them?  If it were me, I’d be talking to a lawyer or the ACLU about discrimination.  Movies and theaters?  Okay, I get that choice.  When I interned with a theater in college, there were plaques on the wall in the lobby stating that no one under the age of seven was permitted entry.  Some of the live performances weren’t something I would take a kid to, though.  They did have kid days, though.
Movie theaters are a tricky thing…  Boychik has NEVER been to a movie.  It’s too loud for him, too dark, too many people.  There are “autism friendly showings” once a month, but only one theater has them.  Miss Scarlett’s never been, either, but she’s only three.
The only restaurants I’ve been to since D went back to the military with just me and the kenders has been fast-food.  My MIL and her husband take us to a buffet when they visit, and the kids do pretty well – Miss Scarlett waited till we were packing up to spill her milk on the floor.
Renn events are hard.  If I don’t have a helper, I don’t go anymore.  Especially since I get “those” looks, and the childless few think that telling me how to “fix” Boychik is not only welcome but necessary.  But it’s all good.  D will be home soon, and I’ll have the other half of my parenting team.
Ah, introspection, so interesting on a chilly morning.  Next blog is my yearly goals.  That should be a laugh and a half.

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