Thursday, December 29, 2011

No dogs or ... II

Are these same “No kids allowed” folks realizing that they aren’t hurting the kids, they are hurting parents?
Yup.  As a semi-single mom, if Miss Scarlett isn’t welcome and it’s before Bex is out of school, I’m not going.  So they will lose business.  Besides losing business, what about these poor new moms that really don’t have a way out of the house?  Becoming a mom is a traumatic thing.  No really.  As a mom, I’ve been trapped in my house, with the only people that I see regularly thinking my name is “Mommy, hey, mom”.  I get poked with a bony little finger when I don’t respond fast enough.  There are days that the only thing that saves my sanity is school all day for them and Bex coming home so that I can sneak out to the store or leave to tutor.  When I think about these moms that are trapped, or can’t leave without a litter of kids, I actually feel bad for them.
And besides all of that, where are these kids going to learn how to behave in public if they are banned from taking their place in public?  Yeah, no one thinks about that.  School?  No.  Not unless you want some kid that’s only able to interact with those his own age.  Church?  Okay, valid location, but what about those that don’t go to church?  What about those churches that separate the genders and ages?  And those that don’t “do” church are automatically left out.
This benefits ONE part of society.  One.  Its taking rights and privileges from another sub-culture.  When rules like this go into effect, we aren’t equal anymore.  Isn’t equality one of the defining parts of our constitution?  Then why are we still discrimination against people? 
So now the list of those that are having their rights taken or never acknowledged in the first place looks like it’s going to be welcoming parents, too.  Sigh.  I am tired, readers.  I am tired of situations and rules being bent or changed to benefit the few.

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