Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stressed? No, my head always feels like this...

So, we’re that much closer to the big Winter holidays.  And the main things on my mind?  Keeping the little guys out of the tree, the dog in the house, and how to get D’s care package to him on time.  And cookies.  Can’t forget to make sugar cookies.  Or just pick up some of the dough in a tube and make the cookies that way, ha ha.
The only kid that still has to do shopping is Beckie.  Uncle Squishy is going to help out this that, I think.  One of the purely suckish things about being the only parent and main driver for the kids right now is that I always know what’s going to be under the tree or inside the wrapping paper.  I miss good surprises.  I’ve had my fill of yucky ones…
Positive point for me today, besides 2 weeks off from class?  All the utilities got paid.  Yup.  Everything’s had money thrown at it, including the car payment.  Thanks to the charity of others, my kids have stuff to go under the tree and we’ll have a family to eat with on Christmas.
My meds are all screwy, but I feel better than I have (except for sleeping too much once I do fall asleep) in a long time.  I see the doc later this month, so maybe a lower dose?  After the beginning of the year, it’s back to the gym.  Honest.  I’ve got a whole list of goals for the New Year…  Hopefully I will meet more of them than I did last year.
Come to find out, not only did D not have the money to come home, he was too slow in trying to get leave.  So it’s another Yule without him.  At least it’s the last one without him for a while.  Yeah, I’m missing him.  Can’t find the camera, but there’s one on my phone…  And M still thinks that she’s a nudist.
Oh?  You didn’t know?  Yeah; my three year old is convinced that clothing is only for outside the house.  Once we get home, the most she’ll leave on is a shirt, and that’s only if we’re all very lucky.  I’m not too freaked out about it, cause it makes it easier for her to make it to her potty, but it’s kinda weird having a nude toddler roaming the house in the middle of winter.
And the biggest change facing us once D’s home?  We’re moving.  Yup.  Getting out of the pit that is Southern Nevada, going to literal greener pastures.  D’s gonna go to school, I’m getting a job (I hope, please, Please, PLEASE, Whoever is listening, let me get a job…) and we’re FINALLY leaving the desert.  

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