Thursday, February 9, 2012

We got it!!!!

I didn’t think I would be this excited about a rental house, but there you go.  Right now I’m waiting for the lease and taxes to arrive.  Move in date’s in a week or so; I’ve gotta get boxes and sort through our crap and all of this other stuff that goes along with a move.  But it’s a HOUSE.  With a yard and a family room.  And storage areas.
I’m can’t stand it, I just want to get things started and done and moved already.  But I can’t.  I have contracts to finish and send off for Miss A’s kids.  Her youngest is a cancer survivor; I know going through cancer with mom was brutal – I can’t imagine going through it with one of my own kids.  So I’m giving the family a break on my usual pricing and sending a free pair of bloomers for the little girl.
OMH OMG OMG I’m going to have a workspace again!
Wow, that was a little bi-polar, wasn’t it?  It’s just that my brain is EVERYWHERE right now.  And the only time that I can work right now is when the kids are in bed because the living room is so cramped.  So a few more hours before I can do some more work.  I got one of the shirts done except for the neckline last night.  Tonight it’s the bloomers and another shirt.  Dying has to be done, and panels for the dresses. 
Crap, I’ve become organized?  When did that happen? 
house house house house house 

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