Sunday, February 5, 2012

The result is worse than the pukes...

Everyone’s over their sickness, but the house is still a pit, the cupboards are still mostly bare, and I now have a snail coin bank to attempt to repair.  Yes, the snail bank that B’s had forever was just broken by her baby sister.  I’m annoyed.  It’s after eleven at night and ALL the children are still awake.  I’m on the verge of screaming my temper is so far gone.  Oh, and B just yelled “Miss Scarlett, stop playing with mommy’s rubber mallet!”  Tattling without tattling, the weapon of older siblings since Moses was a child.
I didn’t go to Costco today.  As Momma C told me, “it’s a Saturday before the Super Bowl, why would you do that to yourself?”  She gave me a kid break and I went to Smiths and got enough for supper tonight, found a dragon pillow pet for $14 (so now all three kids have a pillow pet) and bought myself 6 mini bottles of nail polish at Sally’s.  Sure, we’re destitute till either the taxes or my school money comes in, but the week I’ve had?  I sooooo deserve 6 little bottles of new colored polish to play with and a bandage set that’s supposed to stop my nails from splitting.  I’m completely off my meds right now.  Including my multi-vitamin.  Have I mentioned that?  Yeah, D’s not going to be impressed.  I’m not really impressed right now, either.  Having the pukes puts a real kibosh on schedules, showers, getting outta bed, and taking your meds.  Seriously.  But I’m back under 170 pounds.  That’s kind of cool.  It’s a rotten way to lose weight, but what are you gonna do?
Oh and that not sleeping thing from the Nick Jr. crowd that destroys my living room and all?  Yeah, we’re outta melatonin, too.  Joy.

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