Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boychik only shares his cooties

So.  Today was a complete and utter bust.  Nothing got done, and B and I slept most of the day.  Why?  Boychik SHARED his cooties.  So both B and I got the pukes over night.  It was so bad that B vommed in her bed and I couldn't do anything about it until a few hours ago.  The only kid that hasn’t gotten sick has been our Miss Scarlett (touch wood). 
Why does this suck so hard?  Oh, lets see.  The rent hasn’t been paid yet, so it will be late.  The only food in the house is chicken nuggets, so I will end up ordering pizza.  When I’ve been this violently ill, I can smell EVERYTHING.  Including a kitchen that is demanding a game of "what's that smell?"  The little kids run amuck, oh, and this is the SICKEST I’ve been since BEFORE D went back into the military if you don’t count the heat-stroke I got in 2009.
As I write this, I’m desperately trying to re-hydrate, and justify missing 2 days of class.  So now I get to deal with the joy of paying a late fee on the rent and the ordeal that is Costco on a Saturday.  And I can only go to Costco once I’ve done inventory.  Add to that the fact that nothing’s come back on the rental house and I’ve barely gotten to “talk” to D in a couple of days and I’m a wee bit cranky…  Crap.  I’ve just realized I haven’t taken my meds in nearly 24 hours.  Perfect.
I’m going back to bed.

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