Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?!

Alright.  We made it through B’s 13th okay.  With being broke and being in an apartment, not much could be done.  I’ve told her that she will have a sleep-over and gifts once we’re in a house.  I got a call about it today, so hopefully all is on track for moving this Spring…
The only wrench in the gears?  D may be forced to do a medical extension.  Apparently its something that happens at the post he’s at.  So after REFUSING to extend him so we could join him in Europe, REFUSING to let him re-enlist as active duty, REFUSING to help him or tell him anything useful like, oh, I don’t know “you know, man, your wife can do all this paperwork” now the military is thinking about keeping him from us for even longer. 
Yeah.  I’m just a wee bit PISSED.  Pissed enough that if he gets extended on medical grounds, I will be contacting his CO, and then EVERY SINGLE Marine and Soldier that I know (there’s a few) and asking them to speak for the family to whoever they need to speak to, particularly since the service that D’s in is OBVIOUSLY LYING when it tries to sell the whole “family is important for the support it gives our service members” (In the words of Sherman Potter, HORSE PUCKY) and I don’t know that many members of D’s service that are in a high enough spot to do anything. 
Marines?  Oh let’s see, I know a few that are out that were NCOs, my dad’s a Viet Nam vet for the Corps.  And I know at least one officer that’s active duty.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I’m done playing nice.  Three months in three years.  THREE.  FUCKING.  MONTHS.  Yeah, now that I’ve had the time to mull it over and think about it without being sickly tired, I’m angry.  D’s kids don’t know him.  This command has SCREWED him every chance they got, at least from what my logic and common sense says, and I swear the only good thing about this has been D meeting L & I and their kids.
G-ds above and below, the military is going to make me channel my mother.  I really hate channeling Mom.  She could get so very mean and horrible, but it was always justified.  She was always so freaking calm about it though…  Can I be calm?  It’s the military.  I’ve gotta be calm.  And may be channel my inner Juanita instead.  Family knows this reference.  Insert e-vile laugh here.  And if you’re a pray-er, pray for them.  Cause I’m so done it should be criminal.

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  1. If it's not criminal yet, don't let it get that far. And of course we'll be praying...



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