Monday, February 6, 2012


Am I the only one that absolutely detests those N-V commercials with Holly, Hef’s ex-girlfriend?  The woman started off as a CENTERFOLD and is now in some sort of burlesque show here in Cat Box and she’s got the STONES to pretend she needs to lose weight?  What the EVER LOVING Fuck?  Really?  Really?  As if women don’t have enough self-hate for their physical appearance?
I am NOT skinny.  I haven’t had a flat belly since before I carried my first child to term and ended up having a caesarian section.  A little over 3 years later they had to remove the scar and then stitch me back up.  Four years later, ANOTHER caesarian and then ANOTHER one nearly two years to the day (Boychik and Miss Scarlett are 2 years and 5 days apart).  Add to that the meds, the arthritis, and kids keeping me from having the time or motivation to work out, and I’ve got “body by c-section ®” (MY saying.  DO NOT steal it.  I’ll find you and set my children upon you.)
What happened to the body image of the 60’s?  Marilyn Monroe was HOT and wore a size 12.  Yeah, not a typo there, kids.  TWELVE.  I wear a 12 in trousers.  But I’m also very short and very out of shape.  And they’re tight right out of the dryer.  Stupid tight.
So back to Holly what’s her name of the crappy Aurora costume at Southern Renn, “I’d like to exchange these for another size”.  SHE and those like her are the reason for these girls that look like they need a sandwich.  THEY are the reason that women starve themselves and hate their weight, face, hair color, etc.  Yeah, guys don’t help with the self-image, but whats with women suddenly jumping in and helping? 
How is this right?  It’s bad enough when men do the whole “butter face” thing, but now women are doing it more too… Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!
Screw this, I’m gonna have a twinkie.

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