Thursday, May 3, 2012

This week's crap driver

So, I needed some mane and tail (which it turns out the pet store doesn’t carry?); while I'm there, I decided to I make an appointment for Ratzilla to get a bath and to get her nails trimmed.  When I bring her back for her appointment, the closest non-handicapped space under a tree is taken up by a THIRD of a Ford truck.  See, this person decided to park their piece of crap diagonally with all the shade on their precious vehicle.

Big truck, big ego...
When I walked in, I asked M, my favorite cashier, who’s the idiot with the truck.  Seems I wasn’t the only person to ask; I was the sixth or seventh to demand this.  So, since this person feels that they are so very very important, I’ll give them a wee bit of internet fame and show their plate not only to my FB friends, but the 3 people that read my blog.  That way when y’all are toodling around Hendertucky, you can watch out for this truck. 
Maybe you’ll be more prepared with “you suck at parking” cards than I was today.  I need to print some out, especially with summer cranking up the heat and douchebags taking one or more spaces in the shade or (my personal fave) parking in handicapped spaces without plates or placards.  My personal favorite message by far has been “you are an inconsiderate parker” left on a car hogging all the shade in front of Momma C’s place.  They didn’t park there anymore.
Little over 24 hours till the big day…  And by big day I mean hide in my room and eat twinkies day.  I get a wee bit morose this time of year, more so since D entered the military and was forced to leave the family here.
Let’s see…  Little kids emptied a bottle of super glue.  Don’t ask where.  I have yet to find the glue, and I didn’t even know I had any.  Miss Scarlett emptied a box of light bulbs and hid them…  She also cut her own hair last week.  That was exciting to come home to.  She climbed my desk to get the scissors and I’m STILL finding pieces of her hair.  The gal that helps me not stay in bed all day, C, told me I should’ve just shaved Miss Scarlett’s head.  I told her I’m really not into the concentration camp haircut.

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