Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gaaaah, when do I get something good?!

It was a VERY bad weekend.  The high point was finding this thingie Sunday afternoon: For some reason this really spoke to me...

My spouse has joined the military and has been sent away.
My family is left behind.
Your family moves to join your spouse.
My family has to make due with seeing my spouse once a year.
Your family gets to see your spouse every day that they aren't deployed
You exercise with your spouse.
I eat my feelings.
My family sees pictures of our loved one on outings.
Your family enjoys outings together.
My family is isolated and will eat junk food while I am sick.
Your family has your spouse home to take care of you when you are sick.
My spouse's annual leave never matches up with holidays or birthdays.
Your family enjoys holidays, birthdays, and vacations together.
My spouse is stop-lossed repeatedly.
Your spouse gets to leave the service when it's time.
The God of my faith has spoken.
He has said, "Do not trust the military, they will lie to your face while they f*ck you over."

The high point of the weekend was buying a BBQ that I couldn’t really afford and doing free comic book day with the kids.  Instead of being able to get someone to watch my kids so that I could go see Avengers, I watched someone else’s kid. 
The convo went something like this
Me: do you know how jealous I am of you right now?
C: what, that I’m going to the movies?
Me: the last time I went to a movie D was home.
C: Well, when D’s home, I’ll watch your kids for you.
D’s most likely not going to be taking leave here ever again.  Once he gets to wherever they’re sending him, I get to figure out how to pay for ANOTHER move and move myself, the kids, the dog, and a houseful of furniture on my own, cause EVERYONE’S saying that he won’t be allowed leave during a medical extension.
Ugh.  I hate my life right now.  I really really do.

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