Monday, June 13, 2011

What. The. &$%*!!!

Okay, so I’m sure that everyone HAS to have a crap day at least once a week.

Today is Monday, it’s the beginning of June, and today is another hell-day.  Marion was up before seven, yelling at me.  She doesn’t appreciate two baby gates thwarting her plans for world domination through destroying the kitchen and flooding the fridge.  Cae’s home from school today.  He goes to a summer program that I thought didn’t start till the end of the month.  SURPRISE!  His driver that was supposed to call during her dry run last week didn’t call till this morning to ask if Cae was going to school.  WTF???

My school website is down, it’s been outta commission since early last night, and I’ve got 2 team assignments and an individual assignment due by midnight tonight.  I need to play “what’s that smell” with the kitchen.  Gross, yes, but it’s a game that many in the desert play because of the heat; it still sucks.  Oh, and we’re counting the HOURS till airport time and Daddy’s visit; I still have a crap-ton of cleaning to do before he gets here so that I don’t feel like Peggy Bundy when he walks in the house.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!  I so need a helper once the site comes back on-line!  Hell, I need a helper NOW, lol!

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