Monday, June 6, 2011

Five years already? Part I

So today is the sixth of June.  Five years ago today I was in the hospital, having my second child, and the first one with Donovan.  A baby boy, my sweet Caelen…
In the past 5 years I’ve learned so much from him, and discovered the joy of having a sensitive little boy.  Yes, he’s a sweet little boy.  When it suits him.  He loves his little sister, harasses the dog, adores school and his teachers and many nights will have a raging case of insomnia.
Because of his autism, we’re still fighting about potty training.  It’s harder to train boys, I know this, and the issues that he’s got don’t make anything “new” like chores or self maintenance any easier.
Thinking on my three kids…  It makes me think that maybe it would be a good thing to put down what they’ve taught me.  Things like “an infant can’t fall off the floor” or “a determined child can, in fact, scale a wall”.
So stay tuned, kiddies.  Eventually I’m going to get my act together and list everything that these kinder-beasties have taught me, haha.

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