Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February already?

Whoa, where did January go?

Did I keep my resolutions?  If I’m still trying, how am I doing? 
  1. Lose some weight.  Donovan says he’s happy no matter what size I am (suuuuuuuuure) but I need to lose some because it’s making my constant pain worse.
Okay, not doing so great on this one.  I’m thinking that I’m going to end up joining a gym that’s got child care, or actually leaving the house and going to a park once we’re moved.
  1. Move to a better/cheaper place.  I HATE this apartment.  I’ve already got something in mind, but I need the taxes to be deposited before I can make an offer.
Still working on this one.  The realtor hasn’t contacted me since the LAST time I called him.  Time is running out and I need to look at rentals.
  1. Get all the little kids (2 and 4 footed) house broken.  I think this one’s self explanatory.
Cae’s interested in sitting there, but not doing anything that he should.  And my couch is paying for it.
  1. Find a dependable babysitter.  I’ve been back in Vegas almost 6 years now, and have yet to find a sitter that is available when I need them.
I’m almost there.  There’s a couple of people that I know that are usually willing to watch the kids as long as I give them some notice.
  1. Take a ceramics class.  But to do that I need a sitter.
Honestly, I haven’t even looked into it yet with everything going on.
  1. Re-start my clothing and gift company.  I had to close it down because no one was buying.  This time I need a stock built up, and some really great pictures, along with an amazing web-site. 
Haven’t started on this, either.  Yeah, I suck.  There’s too much going on to sew right now, and I’m still trying to drag myself out of this hole that depression has shoved me into.  Also, with how the apartment is right now, I can’t see the kids or TV when I’m sewing.

I’ve already done some good this year though, helping others as much as I can even though the chance of being paid back is tenuous.  I know that lots of times I’m selfless.  Wow, that sounds egotistical…  But I help people as much as I can, regardless of no thanks and karma kicking my butt on a regular basis.

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